Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cool News

Right, I promised you on the last blog entry that there will be cool news and cool news I bring you!
We’ve had a meeting with a bunch of guys from Informal Art, who also produce zines (I have my own copy of “Making it Look Accidental”, which is visually stunning and very witty... damn them) and we are going to support them with their launch on the 22nd October at the Writers Block North East headquarters on Albert Road.
They are still firming up details of what will happen on the night but we will (possibly and hopefully) be performing some stuff from Vol 1 and some sneak previews from Vol 2.
So, get the date in the diary and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more details (as always, we’ll put them on the blog and facebook page).
Also, make sure you have blocked out the 13th October, as on at the Arc in Stockton that night will be Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby’s Heroes and Skullduggery night. Yours truly will be performing, aided by video put together by Tim M and starring moi!
I will provide no further details at this point. Suffice to say, it will be worth popping along just to watch the celluloid (actually, if you keep reading Tim gives you some... just keep reading).
In terms of stuff for the zine, I am starting to get together my ideas for my content and short stories for Vol 2.
To start with, I have to confess that my original intention was to primarily use some stuff I had written over the past few months for various, recent performances nights but... that seemed too easy and convenient and I have been genuinely inspired by some of the provisional discussions we have had about the art work for Vol 2 and how we can possibly play with the form and layout of the stories to support it.
So there you go. Once I have drafted some stuff in early October(ish) I’ll provide a preview and ask for some initial feedback.
As for inspiration, well, it has been an interesting week.
I reckon most people have five, possibly ten staple bands/musical artists they fall back on. You only have to look at my Last FM page to pick out mine, which are currently (no need to be too consistent, that’s for the anals and nut jobs) The National, Miles Davis, Tindersticks, Coil, John Coltrane, Ben Throbbing Gristle, Oxbow, Antony and the Johnsons and Swans.
It just so happens that Mr Michael Gira and chums (bet he never ever refers to them as that) have just recorded a new album, and I can’t stop playing it.
In fact, I am worried that I like it initially too much and will fall out of love with it sooner rather than later. I am kinda figuring that if this occurs that passions will be reignited after seeing them in Leeds at the end of October (yes, I am officially gloating).

Till then I am going to continue with my compulsive behaviour, if you want to join in there is a link below to the album on spotify.
Following is a link to an eight minute documentary about the band on Youtube, which is worth a watch if you’re interested in them or a fan.
And for the diehards, check out Gira’s Angels of Light stuff on spotify, which to my mind is a natural evolution of the countrified, acoustic led but still powerful stuff on the later Swans stuff and some of the albums are just as good (“How I Love You” is my personal favourite).
Angels Of Light


Hello there. Time for an update on our filming endeavours.

I awoke with a jolt and an unambiguous whiskey hangover at quarter to six last Saturday morning. Michael arrived at six and shortly thereafter we set off for South Gare with video cameras and tripods aplenty. The wind was blowing and the light was good: the skies over South Gare always provide a fantastic back drop for filming, dog walking and disposing of bodies.

We began by shooting some footage for our first short promotional film. I don’t want to say too much about this as the film itself will be released next week. Suffice to say it involved fisherman’s huts and Michael doing lots of running. The footage has been edited and the film is almost ready to go.

Next, we made for the beach proper. The mission was to get footage for a short film to accompany Michael’s reading of ‘Dagon’ at the Heroes and Skulduggery night at The Arc on October 13th.

Under the gaze of an arc of video cameras, Michael made for the sea beneath heavy overcoat, gloves and thick tights. I might add that the tights were over his head, rather than on his legs. We got some great footage of Michael entering the sea, submerging and resurfacing before loping up the beach with a monstrous gait.

So, this week’s film project is to edit the ‘Dagon’ footage in preparation for the Heroes and Villains night at The Arc (October 13th).

Watch this space for the first ‘I’m Afraid of Everyone’ Volume II promotional film, coming soon!

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