Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Skin


The past couple of weeks have entailed a steep learning curve relating to film editing. I have followed no manuals or guides on style or substance, but rather have given my mouse clicking fingers over to the flow; and spent quite a lot of time getting to know and verbally abusing the software.

The first fruit, discarded, bruised and chewed from the rolled down window of whichever car is making this journey, I now offer up. Having picked it up and dusted it off, I call it I’m Afraid of Everyone Vol. II Film 1.

It’s a choppy and urgent escape from running. Stop. Let Michael do the running. I was kind of aiming for unsettling in terms of tone, but I’m sure other adjectives would do. So long as they feel almost imperceptibly, yet undeniably uncomfortable. Itchy.

The second ripe item on the chopping block emerges from the sea. Dagon, to be read by Michael at The Arc the Heroes and Skulduggery night 13/10/10, now has moving pictures. This saline beast will creep through the surf and arrive on these shores at the end of the week.

While fiddling around with these films, I was listening to all sorts:

Sleigh Bells, a two piece noise-pop outfit from Brooklyn are rocking my boat at the moment.

Pansonic have also figured quite frequently in the film editing process. Gritty. Yeah.

Wavves is a young fella from L.A. and the band who used to play with now sadly dead from death, Jay Reatard. He was one of those really good ones we should have kept. This young lad is doing his memory justice with the old band, mind.

I could go on, but then where would it all end?

Apologies that we have been a bit tardy on posting something on the blog. Suffice to say that general work and life has taken up a fair amount of my time this week. No need for details, let’s just say I'm glad it is the weekend and leave it at that.
First off, good news. If you have watched our first promo video for our launch on our fancy youtube channel (sure, I know we aren’t pioneering anything but I am still as giddy as someone with a shoe smelling fetish trapped in one of those blue recycle bins) you may have noticed that on the title credits it mentions ‘King Ink’.
Well, that us. We are the King Ink Collective, Tim, John and I.
Part of it is branding, part of it acknowledging that we are doing more than just the zine and the immediate, associated activities. However, the most important thing is that all three of us have a common sensibility and have a good laugh working together, and long may it remain so.
So don’t be surprised if you start seeing it doing the rounds more, along with the zine title.
Secondly, some... well, to be frank it is just news, not good nor bad. John has a hellva lot on his plate at the moment work and personal wise so we have agreed that he will relinquish the main responsibility for the art work of Vol 2.
That is not to say that he won’t play an important part in it and he is still going to write some content for the zine.  It just means that the some of the burden has been lifted to help him prioritise his work and life at the moment. No biggie.
The upshot is that Tim and I are going to have a stab at the initial, draft artwork. Sure, we do not have John’s genius, competency or knowledge but the idea for this edition is to keep it minimal and simple, therefore we are going to design the bulk of the pages and then if we need help finishing it off we’ll ask for it. As always, that is the plan.
I have already had a bash at the draft front and back covers, so hopefully we will be able to show you it in a week or so and you can give us feedback.
And please do. We genuinely want your comments and feedback to help shape and mould Vol 2 and this will be the first thing you will be able to get your teeth into. So please, tell us what you think.
In terms of inspiration, I am currently reading a pretty cool book at the moment called “The Extremes” by Christopher Priest. You may know him from the film “The Prestige”, which was brilliantly adapted by the best director currently working in Hollywood, Christopher Nolan, and starred Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.
I have not read anything else by Priest but I do like his style in this book, which is very much no frills and is just good, old fashioned, page turning stuff. He also have a gift for characterisation and very subtly feeds you pieces of information about the characters and plot whilst just holding back far enough to keep you intrigued.

In some ways it reminds me of old school Stephen King, as when he is at his best not many can compete with his knack for weaving tales of common folk trapped in fxxked up and life threatening situations which they have no control over.
The link below is to his website, which has a bunch of essays he has written and from what I have read are worth a gander.
Below is a link to an interview which touches on the themes of the “Extremes”. If you haven’t read the book I would leave it for now and go into the book cold, as it is better to know less and savour the full impact as you dive into the story.
Also, not wanting a week to go by without making some kind of music recommendation, following on from the Swans stuff last week below is a link to a solo album by Michael Gira under the guise of ‘The Body Lovers/The Body Haters’.
It is very different to his other solo and ‘Angels of Light’ stuff in that it is all very droney but is just as compelling as his other records. Abrasive and full of dread. How I like it.
Till the next post, stay frosty.

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